Smoke tube steam boiler

Smoke tube steam boiler consists of main shell with tubesheet welded with smoke tube and integral furnace, where flue gas travel through furnace and smoke tube to I.D. fan and chimney, where water heated outside the smoke tube.

Capacity : 1 tph to 5 tph with 17.5 kg/cm2.g

Water tube steam boiler

Fully water tube steam boiler consists of steam drum with connected up header through riser pipe and down header connected with downcommer pipe having a 4 pass flue gas design. Both the header connected with steam generating tube which expanded on both side header. Provided multifuel fluidised bad furnace or manual solid fuel fired furnace where fluegas travel accross the steam generating tube than pass to waste heat recovery system to cyclone or multiplecyclone dust collector system to i.d. fan than chimney.

As you see in water side natural circulation occurred due to density difference of water, where water and steam mixture pass to steam generating tube to upheader than riser pipe to go inside the drum. Steam seperate through moisture seperator inside the drum, as dry steam carried out through steam stop valve.


Capacity : 1 tph to 25 tph with 21 kg/cm2.g

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